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Our business yoga studio is a dynamic fusion of traditional yoga and the most up-to-date techniques of body-mind centering, meditation and mindfulness.

Corporate yoga classes combine adapted physical training with a rigorous follow-up. Quality, experience and experimentation are the hallmarks of our boardroom yoga programs.
yoga para empresas barcelona
In company yoga

What is business yoga?

Corporative yoga classes range from physical challenge to restorative practices, from dynamic work to relaxation. In accelerated environments, wellness yoga offers an opportunity to disconnect from technology, relieve tensions and recharge your body and mind. All executive yoga classes include yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation.

Clases privadas de yoga Barcelona
Private yoga classes

Why one-on-one yoga?

Whether you are looking for beginner yoga, healing an injury, improving your physical condition or having a pleasant pregnancy, we will escort you through the process. Private yoga classes are the optimal way to adapt to each student. It is the traditional way in which yoga has always been transmitted and allows you to thoroughly explore an integral, personalized and therapeutic approach to yoga.

mindfulness corporativo barcelona
Mindfulness Meditation

What's meditation for?

Guided meditation and mindfulness for beginners offer very simple techniques to keep you consciously active. Stop wasting your time remembering the past or anticipating the future, and intensely live the present, creating spaces for inner connexion and decreasing the impact of fatigue and stress in your daily life.