Private mindfulness meditation classes

clases particulares meditación barcelona
Private mindfulness meditation classes in Barcelona 
A guided meditation class is an opportunity to patiently explore the functioning of the mind.

There are many meditation techniques. Beginner’s meditation can be practiced in many ways- with movement, sound or visual phocus, silent, in contact with nature or in a personal environment. Acquiring a deep understanding of the different types of meditative practices and their benefits will allow you to efficiently start your personal routine.

You can also explore yogic philosophy, mythology and the history of great sages and Gods to have an overview of the sacred ancient teachings.
clases particulares meditación barceona
Can yoga and meditation be combined?
Can yoga and mindfulness meditation be combined?
You may wish to enrich your meditation with physical yoga practice to discover the subtleties of the body's intelligence and enhance your transformational space.

Anything can become your object of meditation. With the powerful energy of concentration you can make great progress and lay the ground for a  happier, more peaceful and conscious life.
Choose private meditation and mindfulness classes at the time that suits you best. We’ll move to your office or your house. We also open you the doors of our yoga studio in Poblenou, so you can enjoy the most authentic experience of meditation in an intimate space full of good energy.
We offer meditation sessions from € 40 / class. It is possible to calculate more competitive prices if you buy packages of 8 or 12 consecutive classes. Ask for a free estimate here.