Personal yoga training in Barcelona

Experience private yoga in a personal environment, free of tensions or competitiveness. You have nothing to prove: one on one yoga focuses on the internal process that frees you from complexes and brings about a steady sense of inner peace, satisfaction and balance.

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Group classes are a recent western invention. The traditional way of teaching yoga has always been built on a personal teacher/student relationship. In the words of the master Krishnamacharya, father of modern yoga, "practice adapts to the student, not student to the practice."

Direct contact with your yoga coach has several advantages- you work on your interests and goals to build physical, mental and emotional health, whenever and wherever best suits you.

In addition, you can complete your yoga practice with the latest body-mind techniques (experiential anatomy, embodiment, mindfulness, meditation, conscious breathing) and new fitness techniques (functional training, HIIT, animal flow).

Whether you want to start in yoga, relieve the effects of an injury, live a unique experience of pregnancy, take sport to a deeper level or get support in sensitive times, many alternatives are available.

Beginner yoga 

If you feel the call of yoga, individual yoga is an excellent option. Some people feel intimidated when joining multi-level group classes, where poses are practiced without previous knowledge of alignment, with no props and little help.

Your personal yoga trainer will guide you through a conscious, comfortable and safe practice. By means of voice and touch adjustments, your body will be naturally induced to correct alignment and will  freely expand. No external expectations, just open respectful dialogue with personal yoga instructor.

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Dynamic yoga flow

Vinyasa is a form of Hatha Yoga in which poses are practiced dynamically and fluidly. These sequences of postures (asanas) in combination with breathing, produce an internal heat that opens the muscles and purifies the body and burn toxins.


The vinyasa system offers great adaptability to all levels and conditions and is perfect for beginners in yoga or advanced practitioners.

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Raja Yoga 

You can focus your private yoga classes on discovering the role of your physical body as a vehicle in your spiritual journey, on understanding how the mind controls your organism and on using your emotions as a powerful tool of creation.


Reinvent your body, transforming it into a dynamic process of consciousness and energy. Access your maximum potential to create the life you want: deeply spiritual or perfectly human, intelligent and creative.