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Group classes are a recent invention. The traditional way of teaching yoga was always individual and based on a personal teacher/student relationship. In the words of Master Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, "the practice of yoga is adapted to the student, not the student to the practice". 

Having a direct connection with your yoga coach during your yoga classes at home or in our studio has many advantages: you work on your interests and goals, it adapts to your schedule and helps you build your physical, mental and emotional health. 

In addition, you can complete your yoga practice with the latest body-mind techniques (experiential anatomy, biomechanics, embodiment, mindfulness, meditation, conscious breathing) and the new fitness (functional training, HIIT, animal flow), according to your goals. 

Personal yoga coaching is an excellent option if you don't feel like joining group classes where you practice postures without knowing your alignment, without supports and without help.  Your personal yoga trainer will guide you through a conscious, comfortable and safe practice, through voice and touch, to induce the correct alignment and to make your practice dynamic and flowing. 



The essence of talent is not the presence of certain qualities, but rather the absence of physical, mental and emotional obstructions.

Yoga is much more than flexibility. Working from physical synergy brings spectacular results in your athletic, professional and personal performance, so that you function more and better. 

Physical control through yoga postures, the expansion of your breathing and the most effective concentration techniques will help you achieve a perfect body/mind balance. 



Private yoga classes model the body in a safe and healthy way, helping you find a dynamic and fluid balance between body, mind and conscious breathing.

It also relieves symptoms related to hormonal changes, migraines, muscle tension and pain.

From fertility to pregnancy and conscious childbirth, the awakening of feminine energy, strength, balance or positive body image, private yoga classes offer many benefits specific to women's health.



You can focus your private yoga classes on discovering the role of your physical body as a vehicle on your spiritual journey, understanding how the mind controls your body and using your emotions as a powerful creative tool.

Reinvent your mind, transforming it into a dynamic process of consciousness and energy.  Access your full potential to create the life you desire: deeply spiritual or perfectly human, intelligent and creative.
Dedication to the practice of mindfulness and meditation opens paths of self-knowledge to keep you healthy, vital and happy. 


Take one on one yoga classes at the time that best suits you. Welcome us at your office, hotel or home or visit our cosy yoga studio to enjoy the most authentic experience of yoga in an intimate atmosphere. 
We offer private yoga sessions starting at € 40/class at our studio or 50€ in your house or hotel. More competitive prices for packages of 8/12 classes.

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