Mindfulness meditation at events and conferences

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Mindfulness for events
In-company mindfulness is the fitness of the mind: a training to keep you awake, thoughtful, critical ... consciously aware. Relaxation and meditation at work will help you to find peace and quietness beyond brain activity.

Boardroom meditation brings many benefits: it reduces stress, increases performance and sharpens the perception of yourself and other people’s well-being.

Meditation and mindfulness at work reduces stress, improves the response of the immune system, develops creativity, increases empathy and reduces compulsive behavior.
Office Mindfulness Meditation Schedules 
We offer mindfulness workshops first thing in the morning, in the break between conferences or after team-building days.
We come to your office or office or we can also come to the place where you have your event, so you can enjoy the most authentic experience of meditation and mindfulness in a more humanized, intimate and charged with good energy space.

How many people can participate? We recommend a maximum of 20 people for individualized follow-up and attention, although larger groups are welcome.

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Breathing and relaxation workshops for companies
If you need to design your own workshop, our team will help you customize the experience according to the theme of your event.

Here are some ideas for possible workshops: 

Conscious breathing at work 
Positive affirmations for success
Conscious movement and slowlife 
Being present at work
Observe your emotions 
Learn to relax while being active
Channel your creativity 
Relaxation and productivity
Reconnect and share

Share your workshop idea and we will help you create the best atmosphere!