Corporate mindfulness meditation

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Business Mindfulness Meditation 
In-company mindfulness is the fitness of the mind: a training to keep you awake, thoughtful, critical ... consciously aware. Relaxation and meditation at work will help you to find peace and quietness beyond brain activity.

Boardroom meditation brings many benefits: it reduces stress, increases performance and sharpens the perception of yourself and other people’s well-being.

Meditation and mindfulness at work reduces stress, improves the response of the immune system, develops creativity, increases empathy and reduces compulsive behavior.
Office Mindfulness Meditation Schedules 
We offer meditation classes first time in the morning, at lunchtime or after the workday.

We will visit you at your office or welcome you in our yoga studio in Poblenou, so you can enjoy the most genuine experience of yoga in an yogic atmosphere.

How many people can participate?
For individualized follow-up and attention, we advise a maximum of 20 people, although more participants are always welcome.
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Prices of Business Mindfulness Meditation
Corporate mindfulness sessions for groups start at a very affordable price of € 60/class. More competitive prices available when buying packages of 8/12 classes.
For one-off sessions, conferences and events, we kindly ask you to contact us.
Who pays?
  • Students can assume the total cost of the classes
  • The company bears the cost of the sessions, as an investment in the health and welfare of employees.
  • Shared costs between employees/company, so that participants feel involved and committed to the courses.                                
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