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First Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat 2022 in Costa Brava, Spain

Our most recent yoga retreat took place on the picturesque coastline of the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona.

The 4-day yoga retreat, held in a luxurious minimalist villa near the beautiful beaches of Catalonia, combined delicious vegan meals, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Our family-friendly and intimate retreat was the perfect getaway from the hectic city of Barcelona.

We spent many hours together practicing on the mat, getting intimate and connecting, strolling along nearby beaches or the picturesque inland villages with their unique and magical atmosphere.

Thank you again for participating in this unforgettable experience!

For our next retreat we will travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to offer an Intimacy Retreat for couples, in an exclusive setting by the Pacific Ocean.

And more retreats are still to come this year - stay tuned!

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