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Inside Yoga at the Mobile World Congress 2022

In times of home-office and social distancing, we face new challenges that affect our body and mind, as well as the way we perform our work and how we relate to our teams.

Inside Yoga designs flexible and dynamic yoga and mindfulness solutions for companies.

Under the corporate yoga slogan ReConnect, ReCreate we have been offering sessions at Mobile World Congress to support corporate wellness and develop a true team spirit.

Do you want to offer a memorable experience for your entire team or company?

With our deep knowledge in Business Yoga and Mindfulness we offer workshops and sessions to share smiles, relax and create a deep connection.

Our team of certified Business Yoga & Mindfulness teachers has extensive experience in different fields of corporate wellness such as positive psychology, stress release and mindfulness.

We offer workshops, talks, workshops and teambuilding that combine the scientific perspective with the holistic yogic approach, such as understanding stress through the language of the body, living resilience, mindfulness in business...

Contact us and try it with us!

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