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Mastering the 7 Points of Tibetan Mind Training(Lojong)for Business Success

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Entrenamiento mental para el éxito profesional de empleados y líderes

The 7 Points of Mind Training (Lojong)

Greetings, everyone!

Today, I want to share a gem of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom that has been invaluable in my journey of personal and professional development: The 7 Points of Mind Training, also known as Lojong.

These classic principles offer a unique perspective on cultivating compassion, wisdom, and harmony in our lives and relationships. How do we apply this in the professional world?

Get ready for Mastering the 7 Points of Tibetan Mind Training(Lojong)for Business Success

1. Connect with Self-Love: Before facing professional challenges, it's essential to cultivate deep love and care, both for ourselves and others. This emotional foundation provides the necessary strength to approach difficult situations with compassion.

2. Transform Difficulties into Opportunities: Instead of avoiding problems, Lojong encourages us to see each challenge as an opportunity for growth. Transforming obstacles into the path to success becomes an invaluable skill in the business environment.

3. Wisdom and Clarity: The practice of Lojong promotes the development of wisdom and mental clarity. Understanding our harmful tendencies empowers us to make informed and strategic decisions in the professional realm.

4. Communication from the Heart: Effective communication is key in the workplace. Lojong teaches us to communicate from the heart, maintaining a clear intention and practicing patience even in challenging moments.

5. Responsibility in Relationships: Cultivating strong relationships is essential in the professional world. Lojong's principles remind us of the importance of responsibility in interactions, adjusting attitudes when necessary, and addressing larger issues first.

6. Focus on the Present: Mindfulness and concentration on the present are crucial skills in any work environment. Lojong emphasizes the importance of staying focused on the current moment, without being distracted by external circumstances.

7. Liberate Yourself from the Ego: In an environment where ego can be an obstacle, Lojong invites us to free ourselves from self-pity, envy, and the pursuit of external approval. Instead of expecting applause, we focus on making a meaningful contribution.

These are just a few highlights of the 7 Points of Mind Training for Businesses. I hope these enriching principles prove useful in your professional day-to-day!

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