Carmen, yoga and mindfulness coach in Barcelona

Founder and director of Inside Corporate Yoga since 2010. Yoga teacher qualified in Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini and Yoga for Pregnancy. Student and practitioner of Advaita Vedanta, Sankhya Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Tantra and Tango.

I discovered yoga in 2007 - while working in highly stressful corporate environments- and  I was immediately fascinated by the energy and vitality brought by my yoga practice.

Fully committed to the practice of yoga and meditation, I left my job as head of commercial marketing to complete 3 yoga trainings and open the doors of the first Moksha Yoga Studio  in Barcelona, ​​in 2010.

It was precisely in this year when I enjoyed a highly conscious pregnancy and childbirth. Intense, sensual and deeply transforming, this experience made me reach an emotional, spiritual and physical height that completely changed my way of understanding femininity.

Over the last years years, I have completed several trainings on classical orthodox hindu  philosophies (Sankhya and Vedanta) and workshops of experiential anatomy, mindfulness, tantrism and tango. 
Mark´s interest for yoga was risen back when he studied in Australia in 2010. as he had a longing for a physical practice he could easily do when outside his hometown, where he was practising Karate and Wing-Tsun for years.

After having lived in Argentina and Colombia, he decided to move to Spain, where he settled in Barcelona and finally started to get more seriously into yoga. What started with a pure physical practise, drove him towards different thinking, diving into philosophy and re-evaluating his alimentation.

After several years of feeling a pull to get a broader knowledge of yoga, he took the leap to get a certification in Hatha yoga and Biomacanics.

Not only the physical aspect, but more and more the mindfulness aspect of yoga became the most challenging driving force of personal development.

As a Master-degree-holding Economist he has been teaching German for almost 8 years to managers, business owners and whole teams. Teaching has always been Mark´s passion and, combined with his previous experiences, his teaching style is inclusive for all people, with the sincere intention of creating a space that allows each person to show up as they are and work on their personal practice.

Mark believes that as no two people are alike, their practice should reflect their individual needs and that´s where his long teaching experience, his individual empathy and light-hearted humour comes into play.