The essence of talent is not the presence of certain qualities, but rather the absence of physical, mental and emotional obstructions.

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Yoga is much more than flexibility. Working on the basis of physical synergy brings spectacular results in athletic, professional and personal performance, allowing you to work harder and better.

The control and expansion of your breathing helps you enhase your immune capacity and cleanse toxins. The most effective techniques of concentration and meditation improve your response to stress and increase your mental clarity.

Private yoga classes offer you that very much needed stopover to traverse from external demands to deep relaxation, intimacy and rest.

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No need to get away to disconnect. If you have little time available, executive yoga classes are the ideal choice. Whether you want a relaxing yoga session or a quick, stimulating and motivating class, we come to your office, hotel or home. You are also welcome in our cosy  yoga studio in Poblenou.

In its beginnings, yoga was practiced mainly by men and was focused on cultivating functional strength, increasing motion range and working on neuromuscular efficiency.

Our private yoga classes take up these men designed practices, combining traditional dynamic yoga with cross-training techniques to amplify cardiovascular health, burn calories, optimize hormonal responses and achieve a deep detox feeling.

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Yoga offers great results in sports performance- it softens muscle stiffness, enhance coordination and greatly expands the range of body movements. Through sophisticated breathing and asana practice, sport yoga routines increase lung capacity, restore the body symmetry, speed up circulation processes and oxygenate joints, organs and connective tissues.

Improve your sports practice through concentration, attitude and mental clarity. Private sport yoga classes work on concepts of non-resistance, balance, trust and acceptance.


The principles and processes of sports training are psycho-physical. Let sport become a lifestyle philosophy, a tool for successfully mastering your body/mind system.

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Practicing yoga in couples may be of great support when dealing with physical and emotional health. It does not matter if you are recovering from an injury, suffer from an illness or have any other specific condition. Feel comfortable to share your health history with your personal yoga coach.

One of the best ways to build trust in your relationships is to open new lines of physical communication. In partner yoga, body interaction is the key to working on self confidence, improvisation and play.

Partner yoga also improves functional strength, endurance and energy. It transforms your body inside and out in a very natural way, activating the sense of control and improving the perception of your own desires and needs.

The dedication to the practice of yoga opens paths of self-knowledge to keep you healthy, vital and happy.