Yoga for women creates a space of intimate connection, sensitivity and security. Rediscover the strength of your body, redefining your role as an active, feminine and powerful woman.

From fertility to breast cancer or positive body image, private yoga classes offer many specific benefits for women's health.


Private yoga classes also work on body awareness and make the body safely and healthily get into shape, as it can relieve symptoms related to hormonal changes, migraines, muscle tensions and chronic pain.


A private yoga class also reinforces mental health and relieves stress, fatigue and insomnia. Deep breathing calms your nervous system, while postures help dissolve physical tension.

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Pregnancy and childbirth can become one of the most radically beautiful experiences in a woman's life.

Our private prenatal yoga classes are not only based on yoga poses for pregnant women. We work in depth on technical anatomy to reduce discomfort, but above all we look for inspiration for future moms to connect with their innate female intuition.

The personalized work on yoga asanas for pregnant women, combined with prenatal mindfulness, brings you deep confidence in your ability to gestate and give birth, helping you to understand your concerns and fears through the experiential learning of your own body.

Yoga exercises for pregnant women are an exhaustive exploration of the anatomy of pregnancy and the physiological transformations that occur in the body during the three trimesters.

Prenatal yoga classes help you understand the changes in your musco-skeletal system, in the pelvic floor and perineal muscles, circulation, endocrine system, digestion and breathing.


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Prenatal yoga  prepares you for the sacred rite of birth, connecting you to your roots and mitochondrial wisdom, to your instinctive wild nature.

Historically, wise women, traditional birth attendants, midwives and doulas have assisted other women in the search for self-strength. Dig deep into this respectful understanding of female anatomy, physiology and sexuality.


Discover the grounds of conscious conception, orgasmic birth and emotional healing techniques that will free you from fear, insecurities and shame. Practicing yoga during pregnancy prepares you for a conscious birth, so that you can turn it into an unforgettable, healthy and creative experience.

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In Western cultures, traditional postnatal care of mothers and newborns is barely known. Yet, these powerful healing rituals still pulsate at the very heart of many ancient cultures, strengthening  and activating the healing processes of the new yoga mamas.

In addition to strengthening the nervous system and fighting postpartum depression, yoga poses for mommies and babies reinforce and relax the muscles of the back, wrists and arms and work internally to build up the vaginal muscular tone.

In postnatal yoga, we also open a intimate space to connect with your baby. Share yoga with the newborn to explore movement, breathing and sound, while you recover your vitality and balance.